Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Kolob is the small company behind the @coffeeshopsoftheworld community. We make and sell simple, inexpensive cold brew coffee makers.

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Cold Brew Coffee Makers


Best Cup of Cold Brew


We love this product.

Our Kolob Brew arrived from Amazon just in time for us to bring it camping with us to Goblin Valley State Park.

It was so convenient to prep the cold brew in the evening and wake up in the morning to The best cup of coffee we have ever had.

High-quality build, high-quality coffee.


This was my first try at brewing a batch of cold brew coffee, and the result was far better than any cold brew I've purchased at a major chain.

Not only is the process simple, but the product comes with a recipe card listing a suggested coffee/water ratio so you absolutely cannot screw this up.

I'm already looking forward to brewing batches for friends just in time for the hot weather!

Fabulous product--so happy I ordered it!


What a fabulous tool for coffee lovers. So easy to use (it took me just a few minutes to fill the filter and insert into a quart size mason jar) and also flexible in terms of how much coffee you can cold brew at a time.


I drink iced coffee year-round (we can do that here in California LOL) and before trying this filter, I had to brew my hot coffee each morning as the foundation for my beloved iced lattes. Now, all I have to do is grab my quart jar of already brewed coffee from the fridge; its a snap to then mix up any cold coffee beverage I want (besides making iced lattes, I have also added 1/2 C to my mocha protein shakes. Delish!


I highly recommend this product.

Easy to use and saves money


My wife asked me to purchase the Brew Tube because it was recommended as an alternative to spending $$ everyday at our local Star*****. There have been a few occasions when cold brew wasn't ready or sold out, which is frustrating when you're looking forward to your "regular" drink for the morning kick start. The Brew Tube is easy to use and the quality workmanship shows; no sharp edges to cut yourself on and the stainless steel rings are solid and not some flimsy type of metal.

We've made four batches of cold brew using different flavored coffees and the results have been great! It also comes with a handy card (don't throw it out) for determining the correct water/coffee ratios. My wife prefers a light/blonde roast when drinking hot coffee, but discovered the dark roasts tasted better than the light especially when you add a bit of Vanilla flavored Stevia syrup.



Had brunch at a friend's house and they served some bad @$$ cold brew. So good that I bought all their same supplies to recreate at my own home. Less than a week later I am hooked. This is the easiest thing ever and made me a cold brew addict. Best recent purchase, and well worth the minimal spend.

No disposable filters, simple to use, you won't be sorry.

This is a simple and fool proof way to make cold brew coffee that tastes fantastic as well. We're big coffee drinkers at my home and prefer cold brew coffee. I appreciated that the Brew Tube was a simple set up, conserved space in my kitchen and can be reused. The cold brew came out smooth and well balanced. It's perfect for my rushed mornings to work, I pour it over ice with cream as I am running out the door.