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Steamed Cold Brew? "That's not a thing."

To be fair, as I've stated before, I like Starbucks. I have nothing against them - other than anything pumpkin or coconut flavored.

I've talked about conversations with baristas at Starbucks in the past. Sometimes it's fun, but only if there's not a line behind me. Today was a winner.

Unnamed Starbucks Barista: "What can I get started for you?"
Me: "I'd like a tall cold brew..."
Unnamed Starbucks Barista: "Great! Anything else?" (She picks up a non-hot-type cup.)
Me: "Uh. Yeah. I'd like that steamed, with room please."
Unnamed Starbucks Barista: (Strange, strange look coming my way...) "Wait. You want your COLD brew steamed?"
Me: "I do."
Unnamed Starbucks Barista: (Stranger strange look, along with a voice inflection meant to put me in my place.) "Uh...cold brew is cold."
Me: "I know. That's why I'd like it steamed. I like my cold brew hot."
Unnamed Starbucks Barista: "Well...we can't do that. That's not a thing."
Me: "It is, actually. Cold brew is just the name of the method that's used to make the coffee, and I don't like cold coffee. You should try it steamed. It's actually really, really good."
Unnamed Starbucks Barista turns to another Starbucks employee and asks if they can do this.
2nd Unnamed Starbucks Barista: "Absolutely! I've never done that, but it actually sounds really good!"


It IS good. It's really, really good. If you make cold brew at home with the Brew Tube, try it. If you order it at your local coffee shop, try it.



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I Went To Starbucks Yesterday


It's not a revelation that I visit Starbucks. I do go to Starbucks, but not because it's my favorite place to get coffee. I live in Utah, and as I've mentioned in the past, most of Utah considers coffee to be Satan fluid.

I have very few options for where to get coffee in Utah. Within about a 100 mile radius, I think I have about 2 local coffee shops. (That's an exaggeration, but I'm ok with that.) In fact, Starbucks just recently arrived in my town - recently meaning about 4 years ago. (It's also my other office space, like so many other people.)

But that's not why I'm sitting here writing. I decided to have a conversation with the barista while I was there. I wanted to know about their cold brew. Is it mixed with water? Does it really come from Satan? Just things like that.

To be entirely fair, I like Starbucks, and I like having a second office. Here is my barista conversation, with my suggestions at the end:

Barista (I'll call her Vanessa): "What can I get started for you?"
Me: "Do you have any coffee?"
Vanessa: (Strange look of "Is this guy an idiot?")
Me: "I love cold brew, but I have some questions."
Vanessa: "No problem! I love it too! What do you want to know?"
Me: "If I order cold brew do you cut it with water?"
Vanessa: "Yes. It's about 1/3 cold brew to 2/3 water." (She picks up a clear cup and shows me how much of each goes into the cup.) "Since cold brew is more concentrated than regular coffee, adding water makes it more like drip or an Americano. You get about the same amount of coffee and caffeine."
Me: "If I don't want you to cut it with water, is that an option?"
Vanessa: "Of course!"
Me: "Ok. I'll have an Americano."

I'm sure Vanessa wondered why she'd just gone through that entire conversation with me, only to have me order something entirely different.

Kolob Brew TubeThe truth is, my cold brew is just so much better. Becky and I are spoiled with good coffee. I make 64oz of cold brew every other day with our Brew Tube. Every morning I get a mug, put ~10oz of amazing cold brew into it, and then microwave it. Yeah...I know that's not the ideal method, but it's my method.

My suggestion? If you're at Starbucks and want cold brew, get it, but tell them to not cut it with water. You can thank me later.



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Ginger-Citrus Cold Brew Coffee? Yes, please.

I got a text today that simply said "Yum" with an attached image for a recipe for Ginger-Citrus Cold Brew.

So now it's up to you to try it and then report back. Tell us how it is! I don't know where this recipe originated but wanted to share what I received. I'm going to try it too!

Happy cold brewing - with ginger!




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