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Coffee Is Bad - Unless You Live On Another Planet


Kolob. It's our company name, but chances are you've never heard of it. Because you're here, you should know where the word "Kolob" originated from, and why we chose it. Believe me, it's worth knowing.

Kolob is the star that governs all the othersIf you're an astronomer, a scientist of any sort, or own a telescope, you already know about Kolob. Ok, maybe not. But if you're a Mormon you totally know that Kolob is the planet to rule all planets. 

Let's break down what Kolob is, according to "5 Fascinating Things Every Mormon Should Know About Kolob."

  1. Kolob is the star that governs all the others.
  2. Kolob’s calculation of time is different than Earth’s.
  3. Kolob is the source of light for other creations.
  4. Kolob can be seen with the naked eye during a full eclipse.
  5. Kolob's coffee beans are the most righteous.

Fine. I made up #4 and #5. In other words, Kolob is "the place nearest where God dwells." My wife and I grew up Mormon, so we knew this stuff at birth. With tongues firmly in cheek, and since Mormons don't drink coffee because it's evil, it only made sense for us to name our company Kolob. (Did we mention that it's bad?) In reality, coffee is next to godliness, and we're thrilled to give you a heavenly way to enjoy your coffee.

Welcome to Kolob. God dwells here, of course, because we have the best coffee! Try it for yourself and you'll be singing hallelujah.



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